Season 1 Collection

Season 1 has a total of 112 Cards. Make sure to collect them all and tag us on Instagram to be featured!

(1:4 Odds of Receiving a Holo)

Every Booster Pack will contain a card that will have a redeemable card that you can enter on our website to see if you've won a prize!
(Below is what the redemption card looks like

There are over 50 different prizes that may be won from redeeming codes! Click Here to view the entire list of what can be won!

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We want to see your live breaks!!

Redemption Card Rules: If you redeem a code that is deemed a winner, you will be automatically emailed with further instruction on how to claim your prize. If you receive a Holo Card that has a prize on it. Please contact us at for further instruction!
Only Grails LLC is not responsible, in any instance, in which a recipient fails to claim their prize in an accurate way. If there is any instance that we deem that a recipient unlawfully claimed a prize we have the right to refuse the prize.